During the last couple of years tuners around Europe managed to break marginally the 600 HP barrier with the 1.6 litre Z16LER Opel Engine. The quest for an even higher target was already born.
Backed by many hours of development, the long waited, all new Z16LER stroker kit has been just released allowing Opel enthusiasts to bring their car’s power and performance to the next level.
If torque and power is your goal then look no further than the 2015 ZRP 1.8L Stroker kit. This kit comes to you with everything needed for you or your machine shop to assemble your new 1.8 liter stroker engine. Just like almost every ZRP stroker kit, it comes balanced, featuring:
• a 89.00 mm stroke, light weight crankshaft, manufactured from 4340 Precision Billet Steel.
• ZRP 4340 forged steel H-Beam rods w/ARP2000 fasteners
• Wossner high performance forged pistons (4032-T6 / 2618-T6) equipped with high quality Stainless chrome/Ductile moly top rings, tapered second ring, 3-piece oil rings and conical shaped top quality pins

2015 09 07 08 43 09

2015 09 07 08 43 26

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