Subaru 3.3L EG33 Stroker Kit 3.7L – Billet Crank. / H.D Series Rods / Diamond Pistons


Bore Size: 99.50mm / Comp. Ratio: 9.0:1

REF: S-SUB-004UL-99.50 Categoria:

There is no replacement for displacement!

ZRP stroker kits are specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs of the professional racer or the everyday driver alike, by giving a significant advantage of extra displacement to your engine. Our engineers have combined the highest quality materials and the latest forging and machining techniques to produce these kits. ZRP has focused on European and Japanese engines and has expanded the range of stroker kits to fulfill the racing industry’s needs. ZRP Stroker kits are the ideal solution for an effective easily installed racing or road application. They are available for Turbo or N/A use where applicable. We offer 3 different designs of billet crankshafts:

Ultra light weight design, light weight design and standard design counterweights. All ZRP stroker kits include the all new ZRP H-beam and I -beam connecting rods depending on the engine, use or power output. The kits are completed with specially designed pistons manufactured by  Diamond company. All ZRP components in the stroker kit adhere to the most strict quality assurances.

***Please keep in mind that you need a sleeved engine to fit 99.5 pistons.

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