Toyota Supra 2JZ Stroker Kit 3.4L – Billet Crank. / H.D Series Rods / Diamond Pistons


Bore Size: 86.50mm / Comp. Ratio: 9.0:1

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ZRP stroker kit for the Toyota 2JZ engine is the ultimate solution for taking this very reliable power unit to the next level of performance tuning. The increased stroke of 94mm will up the capacity to a whopping 3.4Lt. This kit consists of ZRP billet steel light weight crankshaft, ZRP Heavy Duty (EN24) Series Connecting rods and High quality, race spec, custom made Diamond forged pistons. The crankshaft is manufactured from 4340 High Tensile Billet Steel, designed from scratch, with undercut counterweights and straight through oil feeding, to reduce weight and rotating mass while providing enhanced lubrication. The result is 4.5Kg lighter than OEM while being tough enough to handle power outputs in excess of 2000ps!The ZRP heavy Duty (EN24) rods, are designed with maximum power in mind. They are “I-beam” shaped and made from the finest materials, High tensile steel 4340 EN24T-817M40T. They are equipped with ARP L19 3/8 bolts.For pistons, we have developed with Wossner a new line of “beefed up” pistons to accompany our kits. They are based on trustworthy forgings but have special hardening processes, designed to accept oversize valves and high lift cams, 3.2mm skirt walls, lateral gas porting, heavy duty pins and premium quality rings.

The Stroker kit includes the following:

  • ZRP 4340 High Tensile Billet Steel crankshaft
  • ZRP 4340 EN24T-817M40T forged steel Ι-Beam rods w/ARP 2000 fasteners
  • Diamond custom made pistons with Gas-porting
  • Heavy Duty wrist pins (Cylindrical shape)
  • Stainless chrome/Ductile moly top rings, tapered second ring, 3-piece oil rings
  • Piston clips
  • Fully system balanced and ready to install

Great horsepower and torque gains.

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